Alternative and classic photography courses

Wetplate collodion, salt paper, cyanotype, Vandyke Brown, kallitype, carbon, albumin, basic analog photography, darkroom photography, black and white film development, large format photography and much more

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Here you will find the courses offered by Michele Pero Photography. Check the IT-Corsi menu if you are interested in attending events held in Italian language. Thanks.

On demand courses

The subjects you find under the “courses” list are “on demand” events that can be implemented starting from a single participant and can be requested at any time of the year, by prior arrangement on the day.

To apply, just choose your course and use the contact form provided on its page. Write us for any information and to set the day.

TheDarkroom Academy

Sometimes we list events planned together with TheDarkroom Academy. These workshops are held on fixed dates and require the registration of a minimum number of people to be set.

Collodio versato su lastra

Wet Plate Collodion Workshop | Città di Castello, Umbria

This is the one-day Wet Plate Collodion Workshop, which takes place in Città di Castello, Tiber Valley, Umbria, Italy. Leggi questo corso in italiano qui. This is an “on demand” course, that is, you can request it whenever you want. Just fix the day together and the course can also be done with one person.…