Bones project is inspired by the ‘straight photography‘ movement of Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. Subjects are photographed at a close distance, on an overall blank or empty background, to show their shape and structure. The beauty of the subject itself makes the picture.

All photos of this project are taken with the wet plate collodion technique, rooted at the dawn of photography, on the year 1851. The pictures are made on glass plates of 30×40 cm size (12×16″) then varnished on the side of the collodion layer in order to protect the image. The back of the glass is painted in black to show the ambrotype at its best.

The photos of this gallery are mounted on a floating black board which is not part of the project itself, so it is not shown in full on purpose. You can check the floating frame of my personal concept on the Shop page, along with the plate ready for sale.

This is a work in progress. Check in again to see new entries. Thanks.

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