1997, Albania, During the first months of the year, the financial pyramids collapse and the people of Albania begins a furious fight against the Government and its representatives in the whole Country, especially in the South. Prisons are let open and convicts escape, joining gangs which terrorize the region.

Zani Caushi is leader of one of the most dangerous of these gangs. Everybody shoots with their Kalashnikov, day and night, in a non-stop immense shooting which takes over any other sound in Vlore. Old disagreements are settled by Kalash. Lots of Albanians run away from Vlore and leave the Country heading to Italy. Albania is left in a anarchy period.

With the intent to restore peace, Italian Government leads ‘Operation Alba’. More than 7000 soldiers are sent to Albania. The first landing is in Vlore. While Italian Bersaglieri corps move from Dürres via land, Italian Marò land in Vlore.

This reportage is the story of those days in Vlore.