This is Jessica project

This is a work in progress project: come back to see the new entries!

‘This is Jessica’ is a title and also an invitation to get introduced to her, because she’s not a professional model. This is her first time ever on a photographic set. This work wants to be an hommage to such a daring girl who has discovered a new herself in front of a lens.

‘This is Jessica’ begins with wet plate collodion photographs. Wherever possible we take two or more shots, so some sets are presented in more options, since every taking is an original. Some plates are converted in negatives so we can offer prints with alternative printing processes such as cyanotypes, Vandyke brown, salted paper and so on. Check the next galleries for new entries.

The Vandyke Brown process

The Vandyke Brown process (VDB) in spite the name is a printing technique based on iron-silver compounds, very similar to Kallitype. It  can render true back tones, depending on the chemicals chosen for the process. Print tone can vary from a warm brown to a deep black, going through cold blue hues and cold reddish browns. In this gallery you can see some of the possible variations given by the use of different chemicals and procedures.

In the Shop section of this website (where can purchase original prints) every print is thoroughly described for its process, so you can have an adequate understanding of each variation how it is made.

All photos are copyrighted © Michele Pero/Jessica, all rights are reserved, copying and/or downloading is forbidden.

Thanks for viewing.

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