‘Unsere Häuser’ (Our houses / Le nostre case)

A wetplate project for the 16th Internationale Werkstattwoche Lueben 2023

‘Unsere Häuser’ is a wetplate collodion photography project started during my residency at the 16th Internationale Werkstattwoche of Lueben, Germany, in 2023.

Unsere Häuser

Following the motto ‘Dignity’ that was given to all artists during the residency, I decided to start a portrait project involving families and their respective houses in Lüben. So the title ‘Unsere Häuser’

The series of tintypes show the dignity of the people of the little village, which is kept like a jewel, while every family poses in front of their beautiful premises in their Sunday gowns.

The staged portraits should reflect the dignity of these people who are proud of their village.

This is the photo gallery with the plates taken so far (eight buildings). This is a work in progress. To learn more about this project please visit its dedicated page.


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