PhotoBooth 800 – Authentic Vintage-style Wet Plate Collodion Photographic Portraits

Want a unique and original wet plate collodion portrait, which is beside the daguerrotype one of the very early photo techniques dated back 1851? Want an original vintage-style photo booth to stage a photo shoot for your event with the Portable Darkroom? We can come at your wedding or party. Wherever you want. Just choose the best photo shooting option that fits your needs.


PhotoBooth 800

PhotoBooth 800

Don’t know yet what wet plate collodion is?

Check the photos in this gallery and on @michele.pero.official Instagram. Moreover there are articles on wet plate collodion photography on this website under Academy link. Check it out.

How does the PhotoBooth 800 work?

A photographer travels with the portable darkroom, the photographic set, a vintage wooden camera in 13 × 18 cm format and all the chemical equipment necessary for preparing the plates on site. Between tripods, dark room, chair to pose and backdrop, the space needed is about 5 × 5 meters.

We shoot, develop, deliver everything within half an hour. A maximum of 4-5 portraits per hour can be taken, single or in groups.

We come all over Italy, to your party, your event, your wedding. Give your guests unique portraits with wet collodion.

Choose the option you prefer among the three listed below and discover the dedicated offer:

1. Private Studio Session

One private on demand photo shoot by my atelier, upon appointment.

2. Private Home Session

I will come by your place to shoot your wet plate portraits.

3. Events and Weddings

Entertain your guests with a 1800’s photo shooting with photo plates delivered on location right after the shot.

PhotoBooth 800 price list

Discover now all the offers dedicated to you and your event on the page dedicated to the PhotoBooth 800 Price List.

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