Antonella in blue v1


Antonella in blue v1, cyanotype print

Cyanotype contact print on Bergger unseized paper from wet plate collodion negative

Sheet size is 20×25 cm (circa 8×10 in); image size is from 13×18 cm wet plate collodion negative (circa 5×7 in) and spreads beyond glass negative border.

Year created: 2021

Open edition.

Product image colors and contrasts may differ to original art piece due to screen calibration.


The photograph of this actual sale was shot on a wet plate collodion negative, a process rooted at the dawn of photography, on the year 1851. This picture was taken on 13×18 cm glass plate (5×7″) with the wetplate collodion process. Then a negative was made out of such a plate. The negative is then printed on various alternative photographic techniques. They can be cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, salted paper, kallitype and so on. All these photographic processes are also rooted at the dawn of the photographic printing process, just before the advent of silver gelatine.

Portrait work of art printed with cyanotype process

My portrait work can be made with the traditional cyanotype process and also with the Mike Ware’s new cyanotype process. I print to date on three kinds of papers: Fabriano Rosaspina, Fabriano Artistico and Bergger Cot320 at my own choice and inspiration. All papers are museum-quality processed. I only use heavy weight paper, such as in the range of 285-330 gr/sqm.

The look of the three papers

Rosaspina performs a coarse grain surface, as rough as raw paper. The image looks printed inside the texture of the paper, as it is indeed. I like this kind of result because ancient printing techniques should show the primitive essence of imagery, in my opinion. Such a raw texture meets perfectly my goal and inspiration while making this project.

Artistico is smooth. The print looks sharper. Prints made on Artistico papers are more photographic-looking, closer to a modern print.

Like the Artistico is the Bergger paper. I usually use Bergger for small prints, made form negatives up to 13×18 cm (5×7″).

Archival processing

The print undergoes an archival processing specifically designed for this kind of photographic printing process. Then it’s trademarked with press seal.

Archival processing is designed to extend life of the print to the maximum possible. Nevertheless it is recommended to showcase the work of art away from direct sunlight.

Floating frame

The work of art is showcased as mounted on an original frame of my own concept, called ‘floating frame’. Such a framing holds the print at a distance from the back of the frame.

The sheet is kept in position by 8 L-type brass-coated hooks for large prints, and by 4 L-type brass-coated hooks for smaller prints.

The frame is made of raw wood and it is painted in black.


Entire sheet is roughly 20×25 cm (8×10 in). Papers are hand made, so consider a little difference with the standard measures may occur from print to print.

Blueprint area is hand-brushed, so it’s difficult to say the actual size. It’s indeed roughly 2-3 cm (1 inch) larger than the negative size.

Negative size (image) is 13×18 cm (5×7 in).

Selling and shipping details

This work of art is sold without the frame. The price is for print only. The frame is available for sale and it is listed on this website shop.

If you have any question for displaying this product please ask.

Ships in a tube, worldwide.