Nautilus front


Nautilus front, ref. n. A-1-12-2021

Ambrotype (collodion on glass) 30×40 cm (11 and 13/16 x 15 and 3/4 inch)

Year created: 2021

Original edition.


This image is part of the ‘Bones ambrotypes’ project.

Photograph made using the ancient technique of the wet plate collodion. Collodion layer (image) is coated with clear glossy, museum-grade acrylic varnish to protect the image from pollutants and scratches. Back of the glass is painted in black to show the positive image, typical of an ambrotype.

Wet plate collodion ambrotypes are unique and original pieces, because copying, reproduction of print is impossible. If another picture is wanted, it must be reshoot again on a brand new wet plate. Therefore you are purchasing a unique, original plate. More plates may be produced with this subject but they will result in different looks, hence different pieces, even if the subject is the same.

The ambrotype (glass) is shown mounted on an original frame of my own concept, called ‘floating frame’ which holds the glass at a distance from the back of the frame with four L type brass-coated hooks. The frame is made of raw wood and it is painted in black.

Ambrotypes do not perform the same brightness as a normal print, so they require a spot light to be shown at best. Consider also the varnish provides a glossy finish. The other pictures added to this gallery show how an ambrotype may look like when showcased in a low lit ambient, when a light is cast direct to it and how much reflective its surface is.

If you have any question for displaying this product please ask.

This ambrotype is sold without the frame. The price is for ambrotype only. The frame is available for sale and it is listed on this website shop.