$50 per month

You surprising me, you must be rewarded!

What will you get with this patronizing?

  • A (quite) postcard-size original hand-made print (by me) on silver-gelatin barytha paper, engraved with my fine-art logo, at your address.
  • A (quite) pocketbook-size original hand-made print (by me) on salt paper, engraved with my fine-art logo, at your address.


  • Christmas gift: an original print 8×10″ or more on silver-gelatine, salt paper, carbon, albumen, cyanotype, whatever I can have available in that time.
  • Springtime Ciao: welcoming the restarting season for going outside to take pictures, you will receive a gift to say thank you for your support.
  • Summer/Autumn new collection early access: choose one piece of art I can finish out of the projects completed during the summer (what that will be: print? tintype? ambrotype? whatelse…?)
  • Ah, some more: want to purchase some of my fine-art on my website’s shop? 20% off on everything!


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