Wet plate intensification

Wetplate intensification or redevelopment for printing out processes

Wetplate intensification, a very important step to make the correct negative for printing out processes. Wetplate intensification is a necessary step for to condition negatives to the correct density and contrast to be suitable for alternative processes printing, such as salt paper, cyanotype, Van Dyke brown, kallitype, platinum-palladium, and so on. Intensification process is also…

Corneliani FW2021 catalog

Corneliani Fall-Winter 2021

Corneliani Fall/Winter 2021 campaign in Milan, shot with wetplate collodion technique These are the wet plates and backstage gallery of the Corneliani shooting taken in Milan in 2021 summer for Ten Artist production and Adriano Russo photographer. Michele Pero was assigned to shoot the wet plate collodion photographs you can see on the official Corneliani…

Private Home Session

Private Home Session One private on demand photo shoot by your place. Get a unique photographic portraiture session by your place and get original pictures made on wet plate collodion tintype, an exclusive photo techinique similar to the daguerrotype. The photo shoot consists of 3 aluminum plates framed, made on wet plate collodion tintype (aluminum plate) large…

Narita camera 18x24cm by Maison Naert Bruxelles

The Narita camera 18x24cm is on the go

Just finished to restore my new camera, this Narita 18×24 cm camera from Maison Naert Bruxelles, made probably at the beginning of the XX century. I purchased the Narita camera in England. It arrived in a very good shape and it just needed some cleaning and a polish to the wood. I had to remake…

Alternative Photographic Processes Workshop in Umbria

Alternative Processes Workshop in Umbria

Wet Plate Collodion, Salt Paper Printing, use of the 16 Sunny Rule and Pinhole Photography Experience. All in one three-days workshop to be held in Città di Castello, Umbria, on July 3-4-5 2020. The workshops will be taught in Italian language this time. Applications and programs at this link.