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This is the one-day Wet Plate Collodion Workshop, which takes place in Città di Castello, Tiber Valley, Umbria, Italy.

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This is an “on demand” course, that is, you can request it whenever you want. Just fix the day together and the course can also be done with one person.

The Wet Plate Collodion Workshop Umbria is a one-day full-immersion hands-on workshop that takes place in the Umbrian Tiber Valley. Join me and learn the wet plate collodion process to start doing it on your own.

Every student (max 6) will operate on a large format camera to make some shots each. You will go back home with at least one good tintype (ferrotypes) and one good glass negative.

This workshop of alternative photographic processes will also deliver a know-how to work with studio lighting for indoor portraiture photography.

At the end of this program on wet plate collodion photography you will have acquired notions on use of chemicals, formulas for wet plate collodion, safety measures to handle chemicals and materials, procedures for preparing wet plates on your own and to get them developed and fully finished.

Program of the Wet Plate Collodion Workshop in Città di Castello, Umbria

Meeting at 9:30 at the premise.

We will immediately make an introduction on archaic photographic techniques with a particular focus on the wet collodion technique. This will be followed by a view of various images made at the collodion both in the 1800s and in the present day.

After the first introductory part we will proceed to the demonstration of the preparation of the various necessary solutions, such as collodion, development and fixing.

We will take some demonstration shots and start practicing with the plates and pouring the collodion. If we can, we will also take some shots before the lunch break. We will use wooden cameras, dating back to the early 1900s, specially built for wet collodion. But we will also take some shots with a modern view camera with the International film holder modified to accept collodion plates. In this way everyone can get an idea of ​​what it will take to do the wet collodion independently at home.

Lunch break where and how one wants. There are various solutions around the venue.

After lunch we plan to assemble a photo shoot to take pictures, both indoors and outdoors (if time permits).

We will prepare the plate emulsions and take a series of wet collodion images. Here each participant will be able to create his own series of images.

We will practice with natural lighting outdoors and with flash light in the studio. The experience with artificial light will be of fundamental importance to understand the limits and needs of collodion. In this way, everyone will be able to understand what it takes to make a certain type of photography and what type of lighting equipment to prepare at your studio.

The development, fixing and final varnishing of the plates will follow (necessary finishing phase).

At the end of the day we will discuss the works done and give all the practical advice to find the materials, chemistry and even the wooden cameras that are still used today for wet collodion.

Workshop ends at around 5:30 pm.

Each participant will return home with a series of images made in wet collodion and a series of notes with the recipes to carry out the collodion independently.

What does the course fee include?

The cost of the course includes enough chemical materials and plates to satisfy the curiosity of all participants. It does not include the materials in the list below (Course requirements).

Course requirements

All materials and equipment needed are provided with the course fee. Students should arrive with:

  • Show up with a proper working dressing for to protect yourself from staining, such as an apron. Also shoes are at staining risk, so consider a shoe change for to work safely.
  • Wear protective clear glasses for to keep your eyes safe while working with certain chemicals in the darkroom. You can buy clear protection glasses at any hardware store. If you already must wear glasses, they will be sufficient.
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: buy a box of disposable gloves in nitrile that fit your size. Make sure the material is nitrile. Ask for the type B or the thicker type, the same in use by mechanics. Thinner and cheap gloves or different materials may let chemicals pass through.
  • please arrive with a proper notebook for to take handouts

Accommodation in the Tiber Valley

Accommodation is up to each participant. B&B, country houses, hotels are available nearby the workshop location. Ask us for more information.

Course fees.

Fees for “on demand” courses are listed at this page. You will find options for one person or more.

When do you want your course to happen?

Just ask! Send your message today and fix your “on demand” course on Wet Plate Collodion in Città di Castello, Tiber Valley, Umbria. Please use the form below. Thanks.

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