Cigar & Tobacco Festival Sangiustino 2022

Cigar Festival Sangiustino 2022

The Cigar & Tobacco Festival is back in Sangiustino Umbro (PG) Italy in June 11th-12th. The portable darkroom with the PhotoBooth 800 will be again on the stage to shoot wetplate portraits at the event. Claim your entrance ticket at the Cigar & Tobacco Festival 2022 now. Photogallery of the wet plate collodion portraits made…

michele.pero.official is my new Instagram account

My new Instagram is michele.pero.official

I’m back to Instagram with my brand-new account which is michele.pero.official now. After having been hacked I could not restore my old profile which have been abandoned. It’s keeping spamming around and I cannot handle it anymore. Just please disavow the hacked michele.pero12 if you stumble on it (that’s how the hackers have renamed my…


My Instagram has been hacked!

Important notice! My Instagram account @michele.pero has been hacked. It now seems to be @michele.pero12 and behind there are the hacker guys who are sending spam messages to all my followers and followed accounts. Please DO NOT trust such messages. I’m working to reset it or to abandon it. They may look like as follows:…